Microsoft’s Exchange Online gives you the power of a hosted enterprise email server as opposed to the traditional, on-site email server which requires capital expenditure and associated maintenance costs. The entire Exchange Online infrastructure runs on Microsoft’s Office 365 Cloud Service, it doesn’t matter whether it’s one mailbox or 10,000 mailboxes. From a cost perspective to a functional perspective migrating to or implementing Exchange Online for businesses makes sense. Some example of how Exchange Online can benefit businesses:

A Professional Image

If you are looking to make an impression on potential clients and customers, a domain based email can give just that a trusted image of a company that is established. Having a company name to the email helps clients to remember and in case contact information is lost it allows them to recall the company name making it easier to get in touch with you.

Business Continuity

Exchange Online uses Microsoft’s global server infrastructure which provides full redundancy, disaster recovery and a continuous uptime guarantee. Exchange online also comes with data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities which prevents users from sending sensitive information to unauthorized people. Exchange offers continuous access to data and offers protection from unauthorized viewing of information. Exchange online is accessible anytime and anywhere you are not restricted by location which allows for business continuity.

Cyber Security and Spam Free

With Cyber Security threats on the rise Exchange Online comes with measures that prevent hackers from getting access and control of your account. They also come with filters that prevent Spam and prevent spam from reaching your clients mail boxes.

Hybrid Flexibility

One of Exchange Online primary selling points for mid-size and enterprise organizations is its hybrid flexibility. Deploying email in a hybrid configuration an organization can keep some user mailboxes on their on-premise Exchange server while moving others to Exchange Online. Exchange Online allows for a seamless staged migration from an on premise sever to the cloud.

Large Mailbox Capacity and Emails

Exchange Online has 50 GB mailboxes; 150 GB archive mailboxes; 150 MB email sizes. Employees will never have to worry about managing their mailbox growth again. Keep everything! Send anything! Every couple of years Microsoft increases the limits. Shared mailboxes and resource mailboxes have a 50 GB limit too, and the best part? Shared mailboxes and resource mailboxes are completely free. Every team can have a shared mailbox (marketing, sales, help desk), and every conference room can be automatically managed through Exchange Online, for free!


Exchange Online meets many compliance and regulations certifications. Microsoft uses third-party auditors to certify they meet the compliance and regulatory goals. Not only does Exchange Online meet large regulations such as ISO 27001, European Union (EU) Model Clauses, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Business Associate Agreement (HIPAA BAA), and the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) but Office 365 is also designed to meet local requirements for data management.

The Benefits of implementing or migrating to Microsoft Exchange Online is long and it simply brings more to the table than the traditional on-site email servers. Contact us at Customized Computer Services, Inc. (CCSI) to give your business the power of a hosted enterprise email server.