There are two types of businesses out there, those who have been hacked and those who are about to be hacked.

Did you know that 90% of all companies say they’ve been hacked at least once and 71% of data breaches occur in businesses with less than 100 employees? As if running your business wasn’t difficult enough, now you have to protect yourself against viruses, data theft, ransomware, and more.

With phishing campaigns targeting employees on the rise, these threats can disable or destroy your business in seconds. Sometimes with zero advanced warning.

If your email files are hacked, deleted, overwritten, or stolen, your business and its reputation could be damaged. Your revenue could drop.  You may not be able to restore all of your important email files attachments calendar entries and tasks. Your business operations could come to a standstill.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy cost-effective way to stay one step ahead of these online dangers? Well, now there is.

Never lose data again with Dropsuite Email Backup and Archiving.

Dropsuite Email Backup and Archiving is fully compatible with most popular email platforms, such as Office 365, GSuite, Apple Mail and more. Dropsuite Email Backup and Archiving is fully automated.  Just set and forget, and your emails will be protected 24/7. It’s like insurance for your data.

You can rest easy knowing that your email data, staff email records, and customer information is safe. For just pennies per day, all of your business email data files are backed up automatically.

Dropsuite Email Backup and Archiving even comes with unlimited storage. So as your business grows, you won’t be penalized for amassing too much data. You can retrieve and restore previous versions of your email files anytime you need.

Dropsuite Email Backup and Archiving includes a suite of advanced email management tools, such as journaling, eDiscovery, and 3rd party auditor and regulator access. Features that are especially important if you work in an industry subject to Federal regulations that require you to ensure the security and confidentiality of customer information.

With Dropsuite Email Backup and Archiving you can insure both regulatory compliance and business continuity in one fell swoop.

For more information, contact CCSI and get Dropsuite’s Email Backup and Archiving today.

Stay one step ahead of the bad guys and gain peace of mind.